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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Quick, Easy Decor Boxes

For months, I've wanted to reorganize various cabinets & closets around the house. After searching all over the place (seriously, I spent hours on Pinterest, craft pages & groups, blogs, not to mention all the runs to Target, Wally World, Michael's, Hobby Lobby and every office supply store in town!), I found the perfect bin for my kitchen cabinets - the mandarin orange box!!!

As I was putting groceries away, I noticed that the box from my son's favorite snack just might work on the narrow shelves that have been IMPOSSIBLE to find containers to fit. (I'd already bought several other storage bins, baskets, drawers, even photo boxes - none of them fit on the selves. They were either too tall or too long. :-/) Well, I tried one and Voila! It was a PERFECT fit!!!! FINALLY!!!!

Now I had to pretty them up a bit. Thank God for Duct Tape!! In about 5 minutes these boxes were transformed into cute, decorative bins!!

Here's what you'll need & how to:
2 rolls of decorative Duct Tape (you can use what ever color on the bottom since no one will see it anyways)
1 roll of clear packing tape
Card stock for labels
Tape runner (optional)
Paper cutter (optional)

See how perfect they fit on these narrow shelves! Now to make 'em look purdy!

Use the clear tape to secure the seams inside your box.

Use one of the duct tapes to secure the bottom on the box.
This one you can use whatever color tape you want because no one will see it.

Bottom is all set! Time to start on the sides.

Pick whatever fun duct tape you want and start wrapping .

Time to warp the bottom half...If you're like me and pick a tape with a pattern,
don't forget to match it.

All wrapped up. Now time for some labels.

I picked a color of card stock that was easy to read and printed
all the labels for the boxes. Use the tape runner or a glue stick to mount the
label to a coordinating background color.

Trim the labels.

Ready to stick to the box!

Use the clear tape to stick the labels on the box.

One down, 3 to go! 

Finished!! Don't these look a lot cuter than those orange boxes!! :-)

I was so excited with how they turned out!! Now my husband won't keep asking me where I put ________. Well, at least in this cabinet!  LOL!

Happy Crafting,

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Ashley Ditto said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! This looks so awesome!! Thank you for the inspiration!

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