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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Only the Lonely {Testimony of Rachel N}

I want to share about a recent season of my life. (I grew up in a Christian home, and asked Jesus to come into my heart and life at age 7).

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About two years ago, God opened a door for my husband to get a major promotion.  This job was an answer to prayer and such a blessing- but it called us to move away from Kentucky, dear friends, and farther from my family.  We felt it was the right thing to do, so we took the step in faith to come to Georgia. When we arrived, it was December, and I had a six week old baby and a three year old.  I did not know the area at all, so needless to say I did not get out much.  Loneliness began to overcome me.  I missed all my old friends.  I was alone all day until my husband came home from work.  He was working long hours getting accustomed to his new job.  I struggled with being depressed- I cried a lot. When the spring came, I met some Moms at the park, started to get to know some Moms at my church, and I started getting excited about the prospect of new friendships.  I had a few times when I got together with each Mom, and then they stopped returning my calls, said they were busy all the time- none of the friendships worked out.
This trend continued. My discouragement grew.  I started to wonder what was wrong with me that no one wanted to be my friend.
As my son got older and I was breastfeeding less, I started having a drink now and then. My husband and I have always drank alcohol in moderation.  We both had great examples at home- our parents never kept alcohol around all the time, but they would have wine or beer for special occasions.
I found myself turning to food and alcohol to comfort myself.  Let me clarify- I did not get drunk- but these were my two primary ways of coping with my situation, with my sadness and loneliness.  I neglected my kids- I would escape into books, reading for hours each day.
I would have some good days- where I would really try to get out of the funk- to spend time with my kiddos, love on them- plan activities- and then it seemed after about a week I couldn't hold it together.  My spirits would spiral downward again and I would sink into myself.
I started to snap at them, I could see things in my character that were ugly- and I was ashamed. I lost all care about my physical appearance.  I would go for days and days without showering or taking care of my physical appearance at all. I was sneaking food during the day so my daughter wouldn't see me eating.
The up and down roller coaster of trying for a while and crashing continued and then...
Finally, after almost a year of crying, depression, self-loathing, and seeking everything that I could to make myself feel better and escape my situation- God finally broke through.
I was still spending time in His Word- I was going to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) each week, and that was like a life-line to me.
God was using that to speak to me- to call me to Him.
Finally, I accepted the reality that all the things that I was doing were not helping me- I felt like a terrible mother- I was ashamed of myself- all my secret sins- I wanted to be an example to my children- I wanted to be filled with joy.
I started getting up early every day to spend time with the Lord.  I started running again and taking care of myself.  I called a friend from Kentucky and told her the truth about what I was going through- I asked her to pray for me.  She came to visit.
And how God has answered?  Do I have friends?  No.  Have my circumstances changed? Yes, but only in one way.  I seek God first.  He gives me strength to say no to the temptations that assail me, esp. when I get sad and lonely.
He reminds me of how much He loves me.  He gives me joy in housework, in the simple pleasures of playing with my children.  He has reminded me of how blessed I am.  How many things I have to be thankful for.
His Word has brought conviction and keeps me on track.  I use it against the lies that my flesh try to sell me daily.  No, food won't comfort me.  No, having a drink won't make it better.  No, if I escape into a book, all my problems will be waiting for me when it is over.
God wants me to face my problems- to stop escaping- to stop avoiding- to trust Him and step into the storm- to walk through it in faith.  And that's what I am doing every day.  I am alone most days all day.  I still struggle with loneliness, but I make a choice now to let God comfort me- not anyone or anything else.
God is my anchor, He is my shield.  He is my ever present help in trouble.  He hides me in the shelter of His wing.
I have the strength to make it through only because of Him.  I have the strength to fight the temptation to snap at my children, because I remember His Word that says- be slow to speak and slow to get angry.  I know that self-control honors Him- and it is an example to my children.
I have never been this hungry for God- never in my life.  I feel my need for Him acutely.  I can't stand the thought of missing a quiet time- I am so desperate for Him.  Because I know- without Him I can't hope to be the Mom I long to be, the wife I long to be.  Only by His Grace can I hope to live a life that honors Him.

I pray that all honor goes to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as I share this from my heart- God bless you.

About Rachel:Rachel is a SAHM of two. She loves to chat about what God is doing in her life as well as:parenting, marriage, her passion for life, gardening, running and much more. You can visit her at her blog, My Hearts Mission and on her Facebook page.

Each of us have a story to share and we would LOVE to share the story God is writing in your life! Your testimony matters. It may be the very thing God will use to minister to someone else. If you are feeling God tug at your heart to share, please contact me at or via private message on our Facebook page. I look forward to sharing your testimony very soon!
Be A Blessing,

Monday, June 25, 2012

What Would You Do If They Walked Into Your Church?

Today Gina from Keepin It Real is our guest post! I'm so excited to have her share her heart as she asks, "What would you do if they walked into your church?" I'm sure she will bless your socks off!

  • He has tattoos all over his arms and spent a few years in jail.
  • He lived a homosexual lifestyle and  occasionally was a cross dresser.
  • She is bipolar and comes from a broken home.
  • She was a cutter and battled bulimia.
  • He has been arrested and is still paying for some of his crimes.
  • She comes from  a non-christian home and grew up in "the hood".
  • He used to sell drugs, got kicked out of college, was addicted to porn.
What would you do if they walked into your church?
Would you politely welcome them and then go take your seat?  Would you hope they don't come back because they make you uncomfortable, don't look right, don't listen to the right music, don't wear the right clothes, or don't think or believe like you?
What would you do if they walked into your church?
Would you welcome them and invite them for lunch?  Would you be able to see past their outward appearance or where they've come from?
Would they forever be defined by what they look like or where they've been? 
Each of the people I mentioned are people I know.  They are real people.  They are people whom God has called and who have responded to the gospel.  They are  anew creation and are in the process of growing more into the image of Christ.  If they were to walk into your church and you turned away, you would miss the blessing of getting to know a brother or sister in ChristYou would miss the privilege of getting to know someone who has been transformedYou would miss the lessons you might learn from someone who is different from you. You might miss an opportunity to share what Christ has done in YOUR life. 
You would miss so much.
God whispers in people's ears and draws them to Himself.  He calls them out from who they are and where they've been.  When they turn to Him, He changes them  from the inside out.  From that moment on He transforms them and their identity is found in Christ.  
Humanly speaking their conversion may seem dramatic, but it really isn't any more of a miracle than your conversion.  We were all born with a sin nature and in rebellion towards God.  We were all lost.  All of us.  God calls. God draws. A miracle happens...and we respond.
We are really all the same.
Once our hearts have turned towards Christ and we are yielded to Him, we are not defined by what we've done or not done....we are simply defined by who we are in Christ.
What would you do if they walked into your church?
If you found that they know Christ, would you embrace them as a brother or sister?
If you found they don't know Christ, would you embrace them as someone who needs the gospel?
Would you embrace them?
Each of the people I mentioned have enriched my life.  Every time someone walks into my church,  home, or life, who is different than me and I have the privilege of getting to know them, God chips away a little more self righteousness from my calloused heart and fills in the holes with grace.  He corrects my vision  and helps  me to see people more clearly.
He helps me to see them as he sees them. 
Embrace them.  Love them. Get to know them.  Put away what you think others need to look like. Put away what you think others need to be like. Let God change what HE thinks needs to be changed.  And celebrate the miracle of conversion!
Celebrate the miracle of their conversion...and yours!
About Gina:
Gina Smith has served along side her husband at a small Christian college, right outside of DC for almost 20 years. She met her husband, Brian, while she was in college and he was in seminary. They married in 1988. After graduating, they served with “Youth for Christ” for 2 years until Brian was offered a job at the college Gina attended. Brian is a faculty member and the dean of students, and Gina is the dean of women. She has a degree in Bible and when she is not spending time with her family or students, she writes for, (in)courage, Time-Warp Wife, The Happy Housewife, The Mom Iniative, MomLife Today and Internet Cafe Devotions. You can visit her at her personal website:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rest in the Lord


From time to time, all of us need to take a step back. We need to take some time to rest and refocus. We need to be still and really listen to the still, small voice of God as he refreshes us.
For the next 6 weeks, I will be taking a break from blogging and social media. I will be using this time to rest and renew my spirit, spend time in prayer, in the Word, reading, playing with my kids, spending time with my husband and taking time to just breathe, deep and slow. It is the desire of my heart to serve God with all my heart, soul, and mind. And right now, I believe he is calling me to spend some alone time with Him.
During this time, I have arranged for some amazing women to guest post and testimonies will continue to be posted on Thursdays. I’m so excited and honored to have these ladies share their heart for God with you!
A sweet sister, shared a post with me and I loved this line,
When I pace myself, I can better run the race guided by the map I’ve been handed. ~Tsh @
God has given each of us a path to walk, a race to run. If we sprint out of the gate at full speed, we will tire quickly and give up. If we are sluggish and lazy, we will become disinterested in finishing and give up. However, if we pace ourselves, take necessary “water breaks”, we are able to “throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” ~Hebrews 12:1
run the race
Photo Credit
I pray God’s blessing on each of you. I look forward to spending time with you all again in 6 weeks, refreshed, renewed and ready to run!
Be a Blessing,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

He Loves Me {Testimony of Ashley S}

I grew up in a home where we didn't read the Bible. The only time we went to church was when there was a wedding or a funeral. We didn't talk about God or Jesus. Our values were there, but there was something lacking.
I grew into a teenager and found a church I fell in love with. I felt welcome, it made sense to me, and it felt like coming home. Unfortunately, my father felt it was too far to drive to attend every day. And so I stopped going.
I grew into a very rebellious young adult. I found myself making poor decisions, looking for love in all the wrong places, trying to find affirmation and acceptance from someone, anyone. And as I made these poor decisions my parents grew very disappointed in me; and so I continued looking else where for love and acceptance. I wound up drinking too much alcohol, trying drugs, and having sex to gain this approval. At 19 years old, I found myself pregnant.
I spent the next 6 years trying to balance who I felt I should be as a mom with seeking that love and acceptance from someone. June 2011 I got married. This started me in the right direction.
So many of the churches in my area did not make me feel comfortable, made me feel like I still couldn't measure up. Then I found my church home. I left with a feeling of peace. I realized that I was still not living as I should. In February I was baptized and gave my life to Jesus. I still am growing as a woman, wife and mother, but now I have the people to reach out to help. Jesus paid for my sins, He knew that I would struggle and make poor choices and He still loves me.

About AshleyAshley is a wife and mother to one. She enjoys reading, writing, crocheting, and embroidery. You can visit her blog at

Each of us has a story to share. If you would like to share the testimony that God has written in your life, please email me at or you can send a private message on BBM’s Facebook page. I look forward to share YOUR story very soon!

Be A Blessing,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

It’s Father’s Day Again

fathers day again
Tears roll down her cheeks as she sits in the pew, men standing all around the room, the congregation clapping. As the dads are being honored all she can think is, “Where’s mine? Why doesn’t he love me? Why didn’t he want me?”
As a little girl growing up with a single mom, Father’s Day was the MOST painful day of the year. Christmas would come and go; birthdays didn’t bother me; but Father’s Day cut me to the core.
I asked my mom these questions time and again and every time she reminded me of a truth that, at the time, I was too young to fully understand; a truth that would eventually makes it’s way into understanding, comfort and hope. She would take me in her arms and say,
“Sweetheart, I don’t know where your dad is. But I do know that you have a Heavenly Father who loves you more than any earthly father ever could.” 
As a girl, her words offered little comfort. I didn’t care about a Heavenly Father I couldn’t see. I wanted an earthly father to love me, pick me up in his arms and swing me around. I wanted to be someone’s little princess. With the passage of time and the persistence of a mother who kept reminding me of this same powerful truth over and over, God began to fill that hole in my heart. He began to open my eyes to what my mom had been telling me all along. He began to reveal Himself in a new and mighty way to me. He became the Father I had always longed for.

If Father’s day is:
~full of reminders of a man you’ve never really known?
~full of bitterness and sadness over a relationship that has crumbled
~full of grief because your dad, your hero, has passed away
…remember the words that my mom poured into me, “You have a Heavenly Father who loves you more than any earthly father ever could.” God does love you, more than you can imagine. He knows your heart and understands your pain. He longs to comfort you today. Will you let him?
“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.” ~Psalms 68:5
Be A Blessing,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hope for the Hopeless {Testimony of Jessica W}

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. ~ Romans 12:12
As a teenager, I longed for something that was missing in my life. I grew up in a home where fighting and fussing was prevalent. My parents separated when I was thirteen. The time I needed guidance the most was when I was left to tend to myself. Life was bitter and unpleasant. Depression flooded my soul and I could not overcome it. I felt such a heavy weight set upon me that I didn't know what to do. I was overwhelmed at school and spent a lot of my time with the counselor. I couldn't concentrate on my schoolwork or social life. I cried almost every day. It felt like a war was going on inside my body and there was no one to turn to for help. Everyone thought I was going crazy, including me.

All of the dreams that I had lived for had shattered. I reached a
point of utter hopelessness. The things in life that had once given me
joy now only left me longing for something more. I really didn't see
the point of living. I felt like I had no family to turn to and my friends were nothing but troublemakers. I'd come home late at night hoping for correction, some sign that my dad still cared, but he never even acknowledged my presence. I can see now that dad was hurting so badly from losing his wife that he forgot to consider my feelings in losing a mother.

I was looking for a way out of my troubled state, so I decided to
visit my mom across the country. My dad was so upset he wasn't even home to tell me goodbye. I was only supposed to go for a visit, but, in the end, I never returned home to my dad or my life thousands of miles away. I went from not having a mom to not having anything to do with my dad. I couldn't have it both ways; those days were long gone. I envied teenagers who lived with both parents in what seemed like a perfect life.

My life was anything but perfect.
I stayed with people who openly cursed God, which didn't bother me at the time because I wasn't saved. They were also drug addicts and drunks. My state of being appeared to be getting worse. My mom spent most of her money on drugs; so much so that we went without the necessities of life. Due to the bills not being paid, we were forced to leave the trailer we called home. During this time, my brother saw me reading the Bible and dared me to go to church with my grandma. I couldn't refuse a dare, so I went one Sunday. I really didn't like it but I kept going because there was something different about the people, something I wasn't used to.

One Sunday evening, I acknowledged my lost condition. I finally saw myself lost without God. I received Christ as my Savior that night and perfect peace flooded my soul. That peace was what I had been longing for ever since I could remember. When I got home from church, I told my family what had happened and they actually thought I had gone crazy. They began to ridicule me. If I thought life was hard before I got saved, I was mistaken; it only got worse. My family made life difficult for me but Christ was right beside me in all of the trials, making them bearable. All around me was turmoil, but, in my soul, I had joy which surpasses all understanding.

There was a heavy burden placed on my heart for my lost family
members. I tried to tell them about God but it seemed to no avail.
Every night before I went to bed I would hug my mom for what seemed like twenty minutes and tell her goodnight, making the process as drawn out as I could. I was so scared she would die during the night and go to Hell. I remember many nights when she'd be out partying, leaving me home wondering if she'd make it home alive. Her drug friends would bang on my window in the middle of the night looking for different things. One time when I came home from school, one of her friends was sitting on our couch alone.

God's grace has always been sufficient for me. He has brought me
through so much which enabled me to trust Him more. I can honestly say that in spite of all of the trials, my life has truly been better since I got saved. God's been so good to me. I have seen many things in opposition to God and I have also seen God's miraculous ways of bringing people to Him. He's saved my mom, sister, and niece. I thought my mom was unreachable, but God is able to save even those who look hopeless.

When I was in the youth group as a teenager, we had to memorize Bible verses and tell them to our parents. This was a way to bring the Bible to my mom without her even realizing it. The Bible verses gripped her heart and she wanted to read more. One day she surprised me by coming to church and she fell under conviction and received Christ as her Savior. Life soon became sweeter with a Christian for a mom, but we still lived with her husband who is without Christ. I still have a lot of family members who are lost and seemingly hopeless, but I'm not going to lose faith in God. He has shown me how powerful he is and I'll never lose hope that He'll bring them into His saving grace.

I want to thank God for being so present in my life. He's been so good to me. I want to serve him as long as I have breath. I've wasted many precious years in the world, but I want to live many more for God.
About Jessica:
Jessica W I am a born-again child of God. I have been saved for 12 years and God has been so good to me. I've been blessed with a wonderful husband who loves the Lord. And God has blessed us with a precious daughter who will be two in a few months, and a sweet son who is seven months. I love my life and thank God for it.
 If you would like to share your testimony, please email me at or you can leave a message or comment on our Facebook page. I look forward to hearing how God has changed your life!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is this weekend. For those of you, like me, that are still unsure of what to get “Dear Old Dad”, here are some of my favorite suggestions:
1. Handprint Tree – Decorate dad’s office with this priceless work of art. All you will need are finger paints and the hands of your little ones. The printable is available for a small fee, so even if you are artistically-challenged (like me) this will be a breeze. Once it dries, simply matte and frame (both can be found at your local craft stores).
dad tree

2.  Kid’s Photo Collage – This is so cute! Each child can tell you what they love most about daddy and you can prepare the comment bubbles. There are FREE printables and a step-by-step tutorial. Works great for grandpa too!!
kids pics
3. Let’s Go Fishin’ – Does you Dad love to spend the day in the boat or by the lake with his rod and reel? Then this is the perfect gift! Decorate a box with all the “tackle gear” he will need. Each jar is filled with a different snack: gummy worms, Swedish fish, Goldfish crackers and some of dad’s favorites (nuts, candies, etc). He may not be able to use them on his line, but he will have fun snacking away as he waits for a bite. Sweeten the gift even more by offering to tag along for some quality time together.
fishing dad
4. Books, Movies & Music – There are tons of great faith-based options for dad too. For the sports lover, check out books by Tim Tebow or Tony Dungy. The military man in your life won’t want to miss Fearless, the story of Navy Seal Team Six. If reading isn’t dad’s thing, there are awesome cds by today’s top Christian artists like Chris Tomlin and Casting Crowns. And don’t forget to pick up the Courageous dvd. It’s a must have for every dad! All of these and more can be found at your Family Christian Store.
fathers day collage
5. Don’t forget the card! – For the dad who loves his iPad or Smartphone, this is the perfect card! Here you will find a list of supplies and a tutorial. Great idea for teens!
"The father of a righteous child has great joy; a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him.” ~ Proverbs 23:24
Be A Blessing,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Preparing for the Best Date Ever!

It’s Saturday night. I’ve been waiting, anticipating this night all week. My outfit is lying on the bed. My hair is in perfectly styled, nails freshly manicured, makeup flawless. It’s taken hours of preparation, but I’m finally ready for our date!
getting ready
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Do you remember when you took that much time and effort to prepare for that special someone, the way your heart skipped a beat at the mention of his name and the prospect that you would get to catch a glimpse of him that day?

This morning as I hurriedly styled my hair, threw on an outfit and grab my make up to start and finish in the car, I was reminded of the the time and effort I used to put into getting myself ready for my man. No anticipation, no preparation, no excitement…but after all, I wasn't going on a date, right? We’ve been married for 12 years. He knows me and accepts me just as I am. There is no need to “dress to impress” anymore. Or is there…

How often is it the same with Jesus?

How often do you say, “I don’t need to bother with that anymore. He loves and accepts me. There is no need to prepare for our meetings.”? You may have never said those words or even thought them. But ladies, let me tell you, you and I, we’ve all said it with our actions. Day after day, we jump out of bed, maybe read a quick scripture, say a quick prayer over the day as we rush to get the family out the door. We hurry through they day keeping appointments, running errands, doing all the “this and that” that invade our calendars. We end our night again with a quick prayer, said by our children while kneeling at their bedside and then it’s off to sleep ourselves. No time for preparation. No anticipation of meeting with our man, no excitement of catching a glimpse of him that day.

In Mark 2:19 & Matthew 25:1-10, Jesus is referred to as our bridegroom. For those of us who know Him as Savior, we know that one day he is coming back for his Bride, the church. Can you imagine a bride that wasn’t looking forward to her wedding day, counting down the hours-even minutes, in heart-pounding anticipation of how wonderful that special day is going to be?! Can you imagine not being giddy with excitement at the prospect of seeing the Groom the day of the wedding, trying to catch a glimpse of him whenever possible. Can you imagine a bride spending little to no time preparing for their “big day”? Neither can I!! Yet, this is how we treat our Bridegroom every day. I say we, because I am equally guilty.

How do I prepare for my Groom? 

  1. Be in the Word daily. Our Groom loves to talk with us! He's written us love letters and longs for us to read them each day.
  2. Spend time with him every day. Remember, when you were thrilled to just spend a few moments together with your man, just you and him? It’s the same with Jesus. It’s not how long, although that too is important in building any relationship, it's the quality of time you spend together. It may be a few stolen moments together, just the two of you. But those few moments can fill your day with unspeakable joy! 
  3. Look for him. Look around you throughout the day. Try to catch a glimpse of him. It may be in a beautiful sunrise the two of you share over His love letter and coffee. It may be in a soft breeze that carries you away for a moment. It may be in the laughter of your children as He smiles watching you play together. He’s there  and he's longing with anticipation for you to take notice!
So what are you waiting for? You don't want to keep your man waiting. 
“Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready.” ~Revelations 19:7 
Now, it’s your turn. What will you do this week to prepare for your groom? Join our discussion on our Facebook page. We all are learning and growing together and we would love to hear from you!
Be A Blessing,

  Growing Home

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Catholicism vs Protestantism: A Journey to True Salvation ~ Testimony of Molly C.

To me, though I am the very least of all the saints, this grace was given, to preach to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ. ~Ephesians 3:8
I had faith from a young age. As a little girl I remember my grandma's bible studies she held in her living room while I played in the middle of the circle. It was my grandma who first taught me about Jesus and how to pray to Him.
As I grew up, my family tried so many different churches, here and there, but we never stayed long. God wasn't too important in our household. When I was about 15, we came to one church, but after a while my parents stopped attending. I continued to go to youth group and participate in activities like house-building in Mexico. I was baptized at the age of 16, but I do not recall any significant conversion of my heart. I know now that God was working in my life, but to me at the time, He was just another compartment of myself. My relationship with Jesus was very shallow and immature.
Towards the end of high school, I too, stopped going to church because I was consumed with schoolwork, and getting into college. My friends didn't believe in God and we prided ourselves on our honors classes and intellectual prowess. After I graduated, I went on a trip to Italy where I got to visit countless churches and cathedrals, including Vatican city. I remember walking into St Peter's and immediately being struck with awe at the undeniable presence of God. I experienced his closeness on that trip but I wasn't sure what to make of it.
I moved to college and promptly forgot God again. My grandma wrote me frequently to tell me she was praying for me and exhorting me to stay near to God. I was far too busy to have much time for my grandma or God. I was consumed again with schoolwork and the pain of a deteriorating relationship. I got drunk and called my ex-boyfriend and cried a lot during my freshman year. Sophomore year I was raped and humiliated at a party. I devoted myself to work and school.
Soon I reached rock bottom and I finally responded to His constant whispering in the back of my mind. I became a devout Catholic and continued to search and search for Him. (someday I will write about the Catholic church and the good it did) My faith became stronger and less selfish. God and I weathered many storms throughout the next few years, and I did not forget about him like before. I even discerned the religious life for a time, but He redirected my path.
In 2009, many things were taken away from me, only to be blessed with better. I met a guy who invited me to his church. It was Baptist and I liked it but continued to attend my Catholic church. God allowed me to wrestle with the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism. Thankfully He did not leave me to wrestle on my own. He orchestrated to have certain people come into my life to make certain influences and provide certain encouragements I needed.
Though I am no theologian, I simply prayed that God would reveal to me His truth, and where he wanted me to be. Now I understand that the purpose of Jesus coming to die is so that I might have eternal life. The root of it all is Salvation which I could never have accomplished on my own. It was a long time coming to this point, and I know there is much more to walk. This is what I have to look forward to all the days of my life. It is no spiritual high or phase I'm going through. Jesus is alive and working, and I'm so excited to see what he will do next!
About Molly
Molly C  Molly lives with her kitten Gracie in Santa Barbara, CA. She studies Social Work at USC and aspires to merge her faith and work by bringing the Gospel to hurting people. When she's not super busy, she enjoys reading, writing short stories, and catching up with friends over coffee. Feel free to email her at:
If you would like to share your testimony, please email me at or you can leave a message or comment on our Facebook page. I look forward to hearing how God has changed your life!
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    Growing Home

Monday, June 4, 2012

Always time for a hug

"Mommy I want to hug you."
Who could say, "no" to that, right?

Unfortunately, I do...too often. I love my kids desperately. I tell them all the time how much I love them and how proud I am of them. I remind them that they are the best blessing, sent down from heaven and being their mommy is the greatest gift EVER. But then I get busy... Cooking dinner, cleaning the bathroom, trying to do the grocery shopping, sitting down to write - after giving multiply hugs, loves and kisses throughout the day, it always seems like our Little Princess wants "just one more".

Although I wrap my arms around her again, at times, my spirit wants to just keep working on the task at hand. After all time is precious and there is a lot to get done in a day's time.

Time IS precious!

Our children are little for such a short time. God has entrusted them to our love and care. How dare I EVER put preparing a meal, doing household chores, or even this blog before the needs of my children...His children.

I'm not the first to struggle in this area. Although not their own children, the disciples too shunned children away. As Jesus was preaching, the people brought their children to him so he could lay hands on them and bless them. The disciples stopped the people, telling them not to bother Jesus. However, Jesus rebuked the disciples! He said,
“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 17 Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”
Jesus ALWAYS had time to children! He was NEVER too busy to welcome them into his arms, even when he was preaching!! What an amazing example for us, for me!

Dear Jesus,
Humbly, I come before you asking for forgiveness. I am so sorry for not taking the opportunity to love on my kids every chance I get. I confess that at times I put other things ahead of them...and you. Thank you for the gift of motherhood and all that it brings! I pray today that you would open my eyes to each and every opportunity to love the children you have blessed me with as you do. Help me become the mom that you've called me to be. Help me remember amid the busyiness of the day that there is always time to show your love because nothing should be more important. I love you Jesus.
In Your Mighty Name,

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