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Friday, April 6, 2012

Resurrection Eggs

Every year my husband and I plan an Easter egg hunt for the kids. There's no bunny who leaves a trail or anything cute. It's just mom and dad tossing some eggs around in the backyard. The kids don't seem to mind the simplicity of it all. They love going out the back door, seeing the eggs all over the yard.

Easter 2010

This year we have an addition to the hunt, Resurrection Eggs! I'm so excited!! I've wanted to buy a set ever since my sister-in-law introduced them to me years ago. For those who are not familiar with these eggs, let me explain. Resurrection Eggs are a dozen plastic Easter eggs that are filled with a special story instead of candy. Eleven of the eggs hold a symbol of the Easter story. The last egg is empty. You can make your own (it's really easy to do) OR you can purchase a set from your local Christian bookstore. I found mine at Family Christian Store.

Some use the eggs as and Easter advent calendar, opening one each day through Easter. This method allows you the opportunity to explain the significance of each event to your child in more detail. Others mix them in with the eggs for their Easter egg hunt. After the hunt, an adult sits down and begin to tell the story, having each child open their eggs when it's time for the next number.

To make your own all you need is a dozen plastic eggs, a sharpie (to number the eggs from 1-12) & each of the following items:

1. A cracker: The Last Supper
2. A nickel: The money that was paid to Judas’
3. A piece of leather rope : The soldiers beat Jesus
4. Purple fabric: Jesus was mocked as the King of the Jews
5. Brown pipe cleaner formed into crown of thorns: Jesus received a crown, NOT    fit for a true king
6. Toothpicks glued into cross: Jesus had to carry his cross…our cross
7. A nail: Jesus was nailed to the cross for our sin
8. Dice: The soldiers rolled dice for Jesus’ clothes
9. A piece of a sponge: They gave Jesus a drink of vinegar
10. Toy sword: Once Jesus died, they pierced his side with a sword
11. Little rock: Jesus was buried in a tomb and soldiers put a giant stone in the entrance
12. NOTHING!!!: When the women went to the tomb they found it empty! The angel had rolled away the stone and Jesus had risen from the dead! 

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I can't wait to do these with the kids this weekend! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN!!
“Why do you look for the living among the dead? 6 He is not here; he has risen!" ~Luke 24:5b-6a


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