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Monday, February 20, 2012

What's Holding You Back?

This morning as I was scrolling through the posts of so many wonderful blogs-blogs full of encouragement, tips, recipes and challenges-I was drawn to comment on a question posed,
"What is your dream?" 
For most of my life, my dream was to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) and in 2006 God opened the door and my dream became my reality! I am grateful everyday for the privilege to be able to stay home with our children - caring for them, training them, helping them, loving them, laughing with them - being the mommy God has called me to be for them. To be honest, I really do LOVE being a mom so much that I hadn't given much thought to what my new dreams might be. Then just last night I was reminded of write a book.

Truth be told, there is a little birdie (aka The Holy Spirit), that has been nudging me in this area for several months. Every so often I can hear His still small voice say, "Remember that idea I gave you? When are you going to write about it?" I know full well that it's not speaking to a blog post, but to a book idea, three in fact.

So this morning, as I commented on that post, I heard the voice again, only this time it wasn't a was a question.
 "If I have called you to write and I have reminded you of that calling, then what is holding you back?"
What is holding me back from writing more?

  • Time-How will I find the time to write more than I do?
  • Fear-What if no one likes it?
  • Balance-How will I balance my family, ministry and writing?
 Sometimes I wonder how many times The Holy Spirit will speak to me on a subject before He chooses to close a door or opportunity; or before He chooses someone else to accomplish what He intended for me to do. I don't want to find out!!! I don't want Him to find someone else to fill in the gap I was suppose to fill. I don't want ANYTHING to hold me back from fulfilling what He has called me to do!  I know that if He has called me to it, then none of the things that are holding me back should stand in my way. He will give me wisdom to create a schedule where I have time to write and balance my family, ministry and writing responsibilities. His Word says, "Fear not, for I am with you." (Isaiah 41:10). If He has called me to it, then He will walk with me on this journey. 

It is the desire of my heart to follow God's will for my life, whatever that may be-even sitting down to write a book, or two or three! :)

What is God calling you to do? Where has He been gently nudging you to move, serve, grow, or follow? What's holding YOU back?


candice_frydenlund said... [Reply to comment]

I  love this post. Latly god has been speackiog to me about life goals, careers and ext...Yes I always wanted to be a stay at Mom Home but God has nudging me for something more. I hope you find the balance to write that book!

Christina Hall said... [Reply to comment]

Write those books!  What a wonderful conviction to be charged with!  Honestly, this is something that I have also been feeling a calling to do.  I have two different projects on my heart; one of them has been in my mind for years now, but I've finally found clarity and direction for it.  The other endeavor is kind of frightening and daunting, but I know in time it will be written.  :)

These days, my dreams revolve around my family being healthy, happy, and mindful of God in all things, and finishing my bachelors degree.  I just pray to grow old with my husband, raising our children together, and enjoying our grandchildren somewhere down the road.  If I get nothing else done in life, this is my main dream!

Chelle said... [Reply to comment]

Write the books, let yourself be used, run away from the fear and into what God has set aside for you. 
I am waiting to shout to victory....
Peace and good,

tsorge said... [Reply to comment]

Chelle, thank you so much for your encouragement! I love how you said, "run away from the fear and into what God has set aside for you." Powerful stuff!

Torrie said... [Reply to comment]

So I'm sure you understand where I'm coming from. It's not so much the fear of if all as it is finding the balance in it all. I  want to do what I've been called to, while still being wife & mommy is still my #1 priority. Praying for wisdom and direction in this new adventure :). 
You should start penning your thought too. I'd love to hear more about them sometime!

Torrie said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you, Candice. And I pray that God brings you clarity so that you will know what it is He is "nudging" you to do. :)

Kim Hall said... [Reply to comment]

I love how He speaks to us and asks us to trust, to do what He designed us to do, to remember that all things are possible, that we are only limited by our vision, our trust and understanding of our capabilities.

I have had many such conversations over the past year, and have asked myself similar questions, and they all center around fear. Just have to learn to kick that to the curb every time I allow it to creep back in and take up space in my life.

Just last summer I really started to pay attention and to really trust, and left my day job. Wow. It was so freeing to trust and to see His plans begin to unfold in my life.

I heartily encourage you to pray and to trust, that He will bless you in ways you never imagined so that you can use those gifts He gave you!

Torrie said... [Reply to comment]

Kim, thank you for your wisdom & encouragement. I love your sentence, "We are only limited by our vision, our trust and understanding of our capabilities." How true!!! God is so much greater and can accomplish more than we could ever imagine when just get out of his way and let HIM work!. Great reminder...thank you!!

theatypicalhousewife said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog!!  I'm so glad my idea helped you!!

I also wanted to let you know that I really liked this post.  God has been whispering a lot of things to me lately, and your post just kind of hit home that God knows what He's doing, and I just need to trust in Him!

Torrie said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you Chelle! Although it's a little scary to take that leap of faith, it's so exciting knowing that God has something great planned!

Torrie said... [Reply to comment]

It's makes my heart smile when I see the words God has given me being used to encourage, bless and challenges His daughters. Thanks for letting me know ♥

Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said... [Reply to comment]

Great question! I think so many times what holds me back from doing the writing I feel God is leading me to is my own insecurities that no one will read it. But then I remember that MY job is to write, God's job is to bring those to read it. It really helps me to keep perspective.

Thanks for sharing this. I found you through Titus 2sday link-up. I'm hosting my own link-up on Tuesdays. Come on over and join in!

Alexis said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you so much for showing my coffee and stationery for male teachers!

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