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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dirty Dishes - Scotty McCreery

This week's song comes from one of our readers. Fawn, from The Happy Wives Club, shared her favorite song, Dirty Dishes by Scotty McCreey. Although we are avid country music fans, I hadn't heard this song, but on listen and I was hooked! As a mom, it's a great reminder of what is really important. Enjoy!!

Want to be featured next week? Leave a comment with a song that is currently blessing your heart. We just might pick YOU! :-)


Audry Cece said...
This is such a cute song! I've never heard it before so thanks for sharing!!

A song that has been blessing me lately is "When We're Together" by Mark Harris. It's from the movie Courageous and it's just such a sweet sweet song. It makes me think of my family.

My 2-year old daughter has been doing ballet all over the house to it for the last couple of days:)
Torrie said...
Audry, Thanks for sharing. I haven't heard this one yet. Can't wait to check it out. I love finding new inspirational songs! My husband and I just started a couples Bible study on Courageous. LOVE the theme song by Casting Crowns. Made it my husband's ring tone. :)
Debbie Riley @ life is simply bliss said...
Thank you Torrie. I really enjoyed listening to that song! I had never heard it before.

I have a song that I listen to when I am relaxing at home, or even cleaning up around the house.Its called " Start all over again" by Dana Glover. I love the words, they are very uplifting.
Torrie said...
Debbie, Thanks for sharing your song. I will head over and give a listen. Love songs that encourage...excited to check it out! :)
Linda Stoll said...
YOUR GREAT NAME is hitting home right now ...


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