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Friday, January 20, 2012

10 Day of Proverbs 31 - Day 3

"and her lamp does not go out at night." Proverbs 31:18b
Yesterday we saw that the Proverbs 31 woman is an early riser. Today we are going to see that she doesn't have a specific end to her day. When I worked outside the home, I had a set schedule. I worked Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Everyday I knew I could leave at 5:00. However, as all of us moms know, there is no specific "quitting time" for us. The woman of Proverbs 31 had a similar schedule.

Candlelight Verse 18 says, "her lamp does not go out at night." At first I though it meant that she not only got up before the sun, but that she stayed up very late as well. "Does this woman ever sleep?" I wondered. I don't know about you, but if this momma doesn't get at least 6 hours of beauty rest her temperament is anything but beautiful! You can breathe a sigh of relief. This is not what this verse means.  After doing some research, I gained a better understanding of this verse. Think back to a time before electricity. When the sun set, it became dark. There were no lights to turn on, only fire from candles and the moon to provide light. So when it says that "her lamp does not go out," it means that she works into the evening.

Many of us can relate to this type of work. Think of all the things you still need to accomplish during the evening hours: dinner, homework, bath time, laundry just to name a few. If you work outside the home, your list of evening responsibilities is even longer. If the woman of Proverbs of 31 lived today (and by the way, she's YOU!), she would not spend her evening in front of the t.v. watching hours of the world's view of reality. She wouldn't waste time on activities that didn't support her family, her friends, her ministry or her Lord. She would spend her evenings as she spends the rest of her day, busy serving others.

It all ties back to the main theme: she is not idle. Just as her mornings are full "attending to the affairs of her family," (vs 27) so are her nights. BUT This does not mean that you need to work yourself into exhaustion trying to get everything done in one day. That is why it's important to be organized. Make a plan in the morning for your day and stick to it.

Challenge: Tonight, pay close attention to how you spend your time. Are you attending to the affairs of your family? Or do you find yourself wasting more time than you should?  Pray that God would reveal areas in your life where you can be wiser with your time. 

Until Tomorrow Friends...

Be Blessed & Be a Blessing!

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Emily said... [Reply to comment]

A freeing thought. I've often read that passage feeling like I could never be like the Proverbs 31 woman because I like to sleep and be rested! It's good to think of it in terms of how we actually use the time we are awake instead of thinking that we need to be awake all of the time!

Kate @ Teaching What Is Good said... [Reply to comment]

Great Challenge! I tend to use the time when my younger children to go bed to get the housework done that didn't get finished earlier in the day. Everyone has their chores but there are still things that need to be done. Later in the evening is also my time to get things done that would take away from family time otherwise. I mentor other women on the nights my husband works late but make sure I'm free for when my husband walks in the door.

It has taken me a long time to organize (well, quasi-organize) my life and my time. I've still got lots to learn. Thanks for this post and your challenge!

Linda said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you for this study of the Prov. 31 woman. I am finding it very convicting so far. I need to do better with my time management. This was the kick in my complacency that I needed.

Torrie said... [Reply to comment]

Emily, I know! I left so free as I began to see Prov 31 in a new light. Honestly, I've never liked studying her to the point that I avoided the topic. She was so far out of my league! God made us each different, some are early birds while others are night owls. So refreshing to be able to adapt Prov 31 principles to our lives right where we are today!

Kate, What a great example! Sounds like you area doing well in this area. Keep it up!! :-)

Linda, I'm so humbled and blessed to know God is using this to change lives! That is the purpose of this blog, to bring us closer to HIM! Please keep in touch. I'd love to hear how it's going as you implement some changes into your routine.

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