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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Prefect Shot

Every year I pain-staking try to get the perfect shot for our annual Christmas cards. I normally have the kids dressed up in cute outfits they'll only wear one more time (on Christmas Eve to church). I spend more time than necessary trying to decide when, where & how the shot should look. I know, I totally over think this.

Bellagio ConservatoryWell, this year I tried my best to simplify things. I chose more casual outfits that they will wear over and over while still festive. Now for the location. Living in Las Vegas leads to a host of photo opportunities, especially at Christmas. My husband and I planned to venture down to The Strip and check out a couple beautiful hotels, Bellagio and the Venetian. The Bellagio has an amazing conservatory that they change four times a year. This Christmas, it has hundreds of red and white poinsettias, a huge polar bear of carnations, ice-skating penguins and a 55-foot Christmas tree. Talk about backdrops! Perfect!!
We set the kids in front of the penguins. No smiles (sigh). Ok, no worries. The polar bears are cute. Cheese....nothing! We have a 9 yr old who's is taking one great picture after another and a 3 yr old who wants NOTHING to do with this whole adventure! The Christmas tree...what better backdrop for a Christmas card! Yep, you guessed it. Not even a silly, goofy grin. I'm not sure she even looked at the camera. My hopes for even a "so-so" card were quickly fading.

Without any good shots, we decided to move on to the Venetian. Maybe she needed a change of scenery. On our way out, we passed a hugh planter of more red and white poinsettias. I sat Leah on the edge and had Logan stand next to her. And just like that, we had our picture! Both smiling, check; both looking at the camera, check; no weird stuff in the background, check! We did it!! We still went to the Venetian and took some pictures. But nothing was a good as that random, last-minute shot. Sometimes the best stuff isn't planned.


sarah said... [Reply to comment]

what a nice blog torrie and an inspring one as well.

happy holidays.

Fawn said... [Reply to comment]

Love the simplicity of the pics! I love that flower area that connects the Venetian and Palazzo. Keith and I were married in Vegas and then stayed at the Bellagio afterwards so we come down there at least once a year and are familiar with the hotels for sure :). We're staying at the Encore this next time we come out (next month - whew hoo!) to see Garth Brooks and Celine Dion. So excited!

Torrie said... [Reply to comment]

Sarah - thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

Fawn - I wrote a comment on BF about your upcoming stay. I love Palazzo, Venetian & Bellagio for their picture opportunities. Thought about going to Ceasars too, but it was a Saturday and us locals try to avoid The Strip on the crazy

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

My kiddos are never in the mood for me to snap cute holiday pics of them. I get what I get (usually) and being that I'm the one behind the camera, it's usually hubs and the kids, LOL!!

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