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Friday, May 6, 2011

Trash or Treasure

This morning started a little different than most with a quick trip to the store. Logan has learned to make his own scrambled eggs & toast and loves showing off his culinary skills. But with only 1 egg left, what other choice was there but to take Lil' Chef to get another dozen.

With 2 more cartons of eggs in hand, we made our way back home. As we pulled onto our street I see 2 bookcases sitting at the end of our neighbor's driveway. A thought flashes into my head. "Those would be perfect for Logan's room to house more of his Lego collection!" I dropped Lil' Chef off to begin his magic and I went to find Daddy, my excitment building. (I know. How sad that I get this excited over the potential of free stuff. I mean really! What has happened to me???) Now I guess I should give a little background as to why this is so noteworthy. I live with the garage sale guru! Every Saturday, he and Logan make a list and head off to find "treasures". Me on the otherhand, I can't stand going to garage sales (or hosting them for that matter). Oh, I like saving the money or making some extra cash. I just think it's a lot of effort. For Tony, I think it's more about the game-find the best stuff for the cheapest price. And I have to say, he's pretty good at it. He keeps to his standards and only gets nice things we can actually use. Which brings me back to the bookcases.

I needed someone (ie Tony) to walk across the street and get them because I couldn't do it. I mean what if they were home? What if they came outside and asked what I was doing? Not to mention, my mom has no shame in finding "trash treasures" too. Now I don't mind finding her words coming out of my mouth from time to time, but not this!!! I think I caught a glimps of myself turning into her! Before I know it, I'll be planning out my Saturday schedule along with Tony! Nooooo!!! This can't be happening! So I found my guru, told him of my find, and asked him to do the dirty work. He did, and brought back 2 perfectly good bookcases, in great condition, that match Logan's furniture!! Woo hoo!! Now I just need to get them dusted off and displayed with Legos.

I guess the saying holds true, "One man's trash is another man's treasure". But I think I'll leave the treasure hunting to the professionals. :)


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