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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Movin on up - Part 2

And the saga continues...
So I'll give everyone the daily breakdown of what happened the rest of the week. Each day it was something.

TUESDAY: We had a pretty mild day. We had boxes everywhere, so we managed to put some necessities away (we're living with the bear minimums until the house is done). Oh, for those that don't know, we have an apartment until the house is complete in Sept. That was a totaly God thing-as this whole thing has been. My mom's friend, who already lived here, had her apartment. The lease ends at the end of Sept! So she & my mom moved into their home & we took over her lease! It's working out perfect. Plus, they accept dogs; so Ariel got to come too.
Anyways, the rest of the day was spent looking for a storage unit and taking Logan to FAO Swartz.
WEDNESDAY: The movers came to move mom's stuff to her place & our stuff to the storage unit. They did a super job!! Yes, we got their names so we can request them when we get to do this all over again in September.
The whole day we noticed that Logan wasn't feeling well. He rested a lot and watched TV. But then I noticed that he was asleep while the movers were doing in and out. We started pumping him with fluids & cold meds.
THURSDAY: DMV DAY. Ok, so my tags expire in 2 days. So I didn't really have a choice but to go get my car registered & license done. Good thing I started first thing in the morning. After find out what documentation they required, I made a trip to the storage unit to retrieve the box that had all of our birth certificates, SS cards, passports, etc-you know, everything I could possibly need at the DMV. Now mind you, I have no idea where the box is at the storage unit because I stayed with the kids while everything was being unloaded there. I did know what the box looked like. So I started digging. God knew it was going to be a long day and let me find the box within about 30 minutes! Now off for my smog check (because of course, CA smog test isn't good enough for NV). Again, God let me get in and out in about 20 mins. Now off to the DMV.
I knew it was a bad sign when I walked in and immediately to my left was a snack area. I don't mean a couple vending machines with "SNACK" above them. I mean a full on concession area. I knew then I better make myself comfy. I finally get the first counter where I give the man my passport, SS card and all other goodies. He then informs me that my car insurance can't be out of state & that I need to change it to a NV policy before my car can be registered! Oh, and I need to take the plates off the car & turn them in. (Ok, that one I should have known...but the insurance thing, come on!) Oh, and one more thing. I have to have the VIN# confirmed at the inspection center, located in the parking lot. All this had to be done by the time my # was called. Good news-there are 70 people ahead of me! So back to the car. Talk about multi-tasking, I get the plates off (using a penny because I couldn't find a screw driver until I got to the back plates) while on the phone with the insurance co. Then, while still on the phone, I drive to do the VIN stuff, losing my nice parking spot in the shade. The whole time I just keep thinking, "It's 110 out here, I'm sweating like crazy, my afro is out of control and NOW they're going to take my picture!" Well, everything gets done in time. I get up to the window & find out that I was the last person they will be able to help because the SS # verification went down! Man, I had my angles busy today. Three hours later, I finally made it home, plates in hand & questionable picture in the mail. Thank God Tony had the kids all day. Thanks honey!
FRIDAY: Logan is still sick & getting worse. He's had a fever of 103-104 since Wed & his cold meds aren't helping. We call our dr. friend in LA, Bill. He perscribes an RX for Logy. Cool! So Tony & I head off to the design center for our flooring appointment. We spent 3 hrs and went with the tile/carpet they had out when we got there! But, when we went to sign the paperwork, their was a hook up with deposits & contacts. So we left, nothing signed or done. AAAHHHHH!! By this time, I'm just so done. I cried all the way back.
We stop at Walgreens to pick up Logan's RX on the way home. Should have known it wouldn't be that easy. Walgreens has trouble verifying our insurance. We get the RX and Logan can't keep it down. So I start looking for an urgent care to take him to. But, they are CLOSED!! Aparently, you can only get sick in LV M-F during regular business hours! At 6pm we finally find one. He's seen & we have to get another RX.

Thank God for the strength He gives us daily. I definately needed it during these 7 days. Like Logan said, "This sure is a Satan thing this week." Out of the mouthes of babes!


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