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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!!! Today Tony & I celebrate 9 yrs of marriage! God has blessed us so much. He has truely given us the desires of our hearts (especially with the new house coming. That has been a desire of Tony's for several years. And although he's gotten discouraged during the wait, he remained faithful in prayer & patience & wisdom.) We are both so thankful that we didn't step out of God's will a few years ago and buy something we couldn't really afford just to have what we wanted now. I'm sure this new life God has designed for us in LV will be worth the wait.

All marriages have their ups & downs. I'm overwhelmed when I think about how good God has been in all things. He has shaped us, changed us, transformed us. We love each other more today than we did 9 yrs ago. We have been blessed with 2 amazing gifts from heaven, Logan & Leah. The older I get, the more I see that waiting on God's will & His perfect timing is crucial!! I want God's best for me, my family & my friends...not just God's good. That means I have to submit, get out of the way & let God be Lord of all. Finding it's a lot less stressful on His shoulders than carrying the weight of the world on mine.

Mom offered to babysit so we could have an evening out, just the two of us. Always take Grandma up on those offers!! A hot meal we both got to eat at the same time, YEAH!! We went to McCormick & Schmidts for some steak & seafood. Next we stopped at Planet Hollywood Casino and pretended we didn't live here for an hour :). OK, he played and I went shopping. As I was walking around I realized, "this is our anniversary and we're not even together...I'm shopping, he's in the casino!" But the really wierd part-neither of us minded. We had a great evening, together & each enjoying some alone time.


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