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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Going to the house of God

Sunday was the first day we visited a new church here in LV. And Logan and I really like it. The name of the church is The Crossing. They had a wonderful children's ministy department. The helpers were so kind and welcoming to me & the kids. The lady who helped me get the kids to their correct rooms was so helpful! She reminded me of Pastor Virgil at RHCC. On our first day there, he walked us to the nursery to help us get Logan signed in. I'm not sure why, but that has always suck with Tony & me. Well, this lady did the same. (I'll have to get her name this Sunday ;) After she helped me register the kids & walk me to each of their classrooms, she told me that next week they would both be in their computer sign in system. I don't know much about it yet, but it scans your thumb print to get your kids in & out of class!!!

You know when you just have a gut feeling about something. That's how I felt about this church. It was like God, for various reasons, just eliminated all the others I was considering. When we pulled in, I got even more confirmation that this is where we're supposed to be...I locked my keys in the car! Good news, my mom came to the same service & we could go back to the apartement & get the spare key. Well, my first thought was to do this during the service. But I'm so glad I didn't. That's just what Satan would have wanted. So I stayed and worried about the keys later.

The service was AWESOME! The music was so alive. The worship director, Jason Deese, has pure excitment & joy oozing from him. It's contagious! The pastor had a great message. He spoke about how God has given each of us a story that is just ours. He's also placed us just where we are right now to influence those around us for His sake, using the story He's given to us. And just like a stone in a pond, He wants us to have a "ripple effect" for Him & His kingdom.

I was so excited after church. I called Tony on the way home to tell him all about it. His new job requires that he work 4 Sundays in a row, then he has 2 off. So I wasn't thrilled about us not attending church as a family (especailly because The Crossing doesn't have a Sat evening service. This was the one reason I kept putting it at the end of the list. But God kept bringing it to the top!) And just like God does, He answered a prayer I hadn't even prayed yet. At the end of the service, the pastor reminded everyone about the new Sunday Evening service beginning in Oct! Wow! God opened a way for us to worship as a family!! Also, there are small groups, women's ministries & various kid stuff for us to get involved with.

I'm so happy to have a new church home. Even after only one week, when God's in just know! Can wait for Sunday! Even Logan (who's at an age where he's not outwardly excited about anything except video games & Legos said "it's not too lame. We're going again this Sunday so I can play with the kids I met, right."

Here is the link to a video of Sunday's service.
Enjoy & be blessed.


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