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Thursday, August 13, 2009

...because the Father loves me!

Lately, Logan has wanted to listen to his cd in the car. It's a collection of songs that were used at this summer's day camp at church. I volunteered this year, so the songs are familiar to me too. You know the drill...10 catchy songs about Jesus and various Bible stories. But for some reason this cd is different. Or maybe I'm different.
Logan's favorite song says, "God forgives us when we do wrong, Oh, we'll forgive each other too." His other favorite is about how Jesus was tempted in the desert, how he remembered what the Bible said & how we can use God's word to "chase that devil away" when we're tempted too. Wow! How awesome!
I have a couple favorites too:
"Pray, God's people. Nothings too small to say. Pray, God's people. Spend time with God today. He'll listen to you." Prayer was the theme for the week. And my #1 favorite...
"I want to clap my hands, stomp my feet, pound on a drum, swing from a tree...I am so free 'cause the Father loves me." I LOVE this song. I loved watching the kids do the motions (especially 'swing from a tree-act like monkeys). It reminded me daily (during camp week) of how excited I should be that I am free through Jesus. Don't get me wrong. I am so excited that I have eternal freedom through my Savior. BUT how often do I show it? Is the joy, peace & happiness only God can it written on my face? Then I got to thinking, "when was the last time I got overly excited about anything?" Tony would say I'm an emotional person. But come on, what girl isn't from time to time :) I get pretty excited about cupcakes (but that's another story for another time).
Well, camp week came & went. And like most camp weeks, it was a great time. But also, like most camp weeks, the excitement took over again...and so it goes. Then Logan asked to play "his cd" this week while we were running errands. Boy, I'm so glad he did!
As I listen to the words of this little cd, I am not only reminded of God's promises, or of how much He loves me, or even to lift all things up to Him in daily prayer. I am most reminded to come to Him as a child-pure in heart, with wild abandon, unbridled excitement-ready to jump into my Father's lap.
This cd is staying the car for a long time!


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This is awesome Torrie. Phil's cousin has taught music to children for many years. I remember her telling me when my children were small that she liked to teach children songs that had meaning and application instead of repititive songs that just don't have that much meaning. I love that he has his cd with such rich words and that he can learn how to apply God's principles. I'm going to try to call you when I'm in Vegas. Maybe we can have coffee or something. I'll be there Saturday and Sunday. The wedding is Sunday evening and I'll be heading back home on Mondeay.
Thanks for sharing.

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